Watercare Green

Watercare Green is the latest CSR project of Watercare Technologies Pvt Ltd. This project is focused at Digalena Aaranya Senasanaya in Elipitiya, Galle.


Digaalena Aaranya Senasanaya facilitates the grounds for many Buddhist monks who are at the inception of their journey and also for many elderly monks who treasure the nature and practices meditation.


The Senasanaya many years ago was surrounded by the thick forest creating a very cold atmosphere facilitating some small in size yet very beautiful water falls. However, today with the acts of mankind the surrounding forest has lost a very large number of trees chasing away the cold atmosphere and stopping the fall of beautiful natural water from the rock mountain there.


Watercare Technologies Pvt Ltd as an organization who is responsibly dealing with chemicals and as our business is always directed towards continuous growth while ensuring the sustainability of the precious nature we have taken up the challenge of restoring the natural habitat of the surrounding forest of Digaalena Aaranya Senasanaya by planting 1000 trees after careful selection of trees suitable for the area and for the specific location it is going to be planted.

“Prym signed on with Watercare Technologies (Pvt) Ltd and the National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) of Sri Lanka. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) acted as advisor to the project.”

“MAS Active’s subsidiary Linea Intimo executed the project in partnership with WatercareTechnologies (Pvt) Ltd, UNIDO and the National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC) of Sri Lanka.”