Formulated Chemicals

Watercare chemical formulation facility has a per day capacity to manufacture over 20 Tons of liquid chemicals. Watercare formulation process is ISO 14001 certified and currently serves to the majority of the Sri Lankan customers using Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleaching Liquor) and Sodium Hydroxide Liquid (Liquid Causitc).

Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite in water solution is a yellow-greenish liquid with a pungent odour. Liquid Chlorine is a multi-functional sanitizer with utility in many industrial applications such as drinking water, beverage plants, canaries, fisheries fruits and vegetable washing and many others.

Chemical must be injected using a dosing pump as appropriate to the particular installation. Wear safety face shields or goggles, rubber gloves, long pants and long sleeve shirt when handling. Please refer Material Safety Data Sheets for details on health and safety information.

Common uses of Sodium hypochlorite

  • Sodium Hypochlorite being the main ingredient in laundry bleach. It is used extensively as a bleaching agent in the textile, detergents, and paper and pulp industries.
  • As an oxidizing agent for organic products.
  • In petrochemical industry, sodium hypochlorite is used in petroleum products refining.
  • Large quantities are also used as a disinfectant in water and wastewater treatment and sanitary equipment.
  • In food processing, Sodium Hypochlorite is used to sanitize food preparation equipment, in fruit and vegetable processing, mushroom production, hog, beef and poultry production, maple syrup production, and fish processing.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is applied in swimming pools for water disinfection and oxidation.


Readily available Strengths of Sodium hypochlorite

  • Sodium hypochlorite – 1 %w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 4%w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 5 %w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 10%w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 12 %w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 14 %w/v
  • Sodium hypochlorite – 15 %w/v



Packaging of Sodium hypochlorite

  • 500ml
  • 01 Liter
  • 04 Liter
  • 05 Liter
  • 30 Liter
  • 1000 Liter

Quality Assurance

  • With our own laboratory facility which is CEA resisted, we test a sample from every production batch and also stores them for product traceability purposes.
  • For product’s quality assurance, at each delivery a Certificate of Analysis is issued by our laboratory to our valued customers.



Soda lye solution is strongly alkaline corrosive, colourless liquid with no specific odour. It is much denser than the water. When it comes in contact it might cause irritation in eyes, mucous membrane and skin.


Common uses of Sodium hydroxide

  • Municipal water treatment, wastewater treatment facilities use sodium hydroxide to control water acidity.
  • Liquid caustic soda is used as Cleaning in Place (CIP) solvent in industries like Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical, to clean a wide range of plants.

Readily available Strengths of liquid Sodium hydroxide


Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 10%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 10%w/w
Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 20%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 20%w/w
Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 30%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 30%w/w
Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 35%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 35%w/w
Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 43.5%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 43.5%w/w
Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 50%w/v Liquid Sodium hydroxide – 50%w/w


Packaging of Sodium hypochlorite

  • 30 Liter drums
  • 1000 Liter IBC tanks

Quality Assurance

  • With our own laboratory facility which is CEA resisted, we test a sample from every production batch and also stores them for product traceability purposes.
  • For product’s quality assurance, at each delivery a Certificate of Analysis is issued by our laboratory to our valued customers.



Blended lime is specifically designed product to assure effective COD reduction in industrial wastewater.


Common uses of Blended Lime

Blended Lime is dosed as a flocculant and pH adjuster in waste water treatment.


Packaging of Sodium hypochlorite

  • 25 kg PP woven bags


Watercare R&D Team, Laboratory team along with Sri Lankan and overseas industry experts have come together to develop unique recipes for focused chemicals most suitable for the Sri Lankan water treatment process.


Watercare is the only water Sri Lankan water treatment engineering company to formulate customized chemicals with such a focus to treat unique types of waste water and related issues.


Islandwise customers of Watercare are extremely satisfied on our specialty chemical performances and Watercare continues to develop and improve unique Watercare chemical formulations.

speciality chemicals for water treatment

Genesys RO Cleaners and Antiscalants

Watercare is the Sri Lankan agent for NSF approved Genesys RO antiscalants and CIP chemicals.

The Genesys group of companies develops and manufactures speciality reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemicals, antiscalants, cleaners, flocculants and biocides. Their market-leading products are distributed by a growing network of international distributors, selected for their expertise in the chemical and membrane industries.


Genesys chemicals are developed, tested and manufactured at Gensys UK production facility. Their research and development team works closely with membrane manufacturers to ensure product compatibility. Genesys also have a laboratory dedicated to membrane testing in Madrid, Spain, where we carry out membrane autopsies, water analysis and performance and cleaning tests for our international customers.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Poly Aluminium Chlorice (PAC)
Aluminium Sulphate
Hydrated Lime
Ferrous Sulphate
Water Decolorizing Agent



industrial chemicals acids other

Commodity Chemicals Acids Other
Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous Acetic Acid Urea
Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda Flakes) Hydrochloric Acid Ammonium Sulphate
Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash) Sulphuric Acid
Sodium Hydrosulphite (Hydros) Nitric Acid
Sodium Metabisulphate Formic Acid
Calcium Hypochlorite  35% Citric Acid
Calcium Hypochlorite  70%
Hydrogen Peroxide 50%
Sodium Acetate
Calcium Chloride
Sodium Chloride


Filter Media

  • Graded Sand
  • Activated Carbon
  • Anthracite
  • Ion Exchange Resin
    • Cation Resin
    • Anion Resin
    • Mix Bed Resin
    • De-Mineralization Resin
  • Ion Removal Filter Media